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    Our Mission

    Our mission is to provide children, young adults, and families with social, emotional, and life skills, as well as counseling and special education consultation in a comfortable and engaging setting. With an individualized approach and truly open communication we are able to better form a bond in a supportive and creative environment that is ideal and essential for true growth. It is our passion and goal to provide an all encompassing approach to address the needs of the whole child.

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    Open/Ongoing Enrollment During the School Year

    Elementary, Middle, and High School

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    Groups are run by a special educator and/or child/adolescent therapist.

    Our skills groups focus on a combination of the following skills:

    Social Skills

    Social skills help to increase cognitive flexibility and provide the tools to foster self awareness and relationships.  Our groups cover social skills such as:

    • Communication & Listening

    • Nonverbal Communication

    • Personal Space

    • Sharing & Turn Taking

    • Perspective Taking (thinking about others)

    • Problem Solving, Compromise & Cooperation

    • Making and Keeping Friends

    • Sportsmanship

    • Being Flexible

    Executive Functioning

    Executive functions help us to monitor social behavior, establish routine, and support self-regulation.  Our groups work on executive functioning skills using creative play and social connections to develop skills related to:

    • Emotional Control

    • Impulse Control

    • Flexible Thinking

    • Working Memory

    • Self Monitoring

    • Planning and Prioritizing

    • Task Initiation

    • Organization

    Emotional Regulation and Coping Skills

    Emotional regulation and coping skills allow us to identify and manage feelings and frustration.  Children will have the opportunity to create their own "coping toolbox" with tangible objects used to represent learned coping skills.  Our groups cover emotional regulation skills such as:

    • Identifying Feelings

    • Coping Skills

    • Frustration Management

    • Being Cognitively Flexible

    • How to Form a Plan B

    • Conflict Resolution

    • Managing Social and Emotional Triggers

    • Compromise

    Girl's Groups:


    How to Navigate the Girl World!

    The goal of this group is to help strengthen friendship skills and explore the unique challenges that females face.  This group will address the following skills:


    - Increase Self Concept and Coping Skills

    - Relational Aggression

    - Bullying

    - Fostering Self Confidence

    - Empathy

    - Empowerment

    - The Meaning of Friendship

    - Navigating Social Circles

    - Positive Coping Skills for Dealing with Challenging Friendship/Peer Relationships

    - Benefits and Challenges of Social Media



    Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School


    Led by: Special Educator and/or Child/Adolescent Therapist

  • Services 

    Skill Groups


    Led by: Special Educator and/or Child/Adolescent Therapist

    Our skills groups meet once per week for forty-five or sixty minutes. We offer a variety of skills groups covering topics such as Social Skills, Executive Functioning, Emotional Regulation/Coping Skills, and How to Navigate the Girl World. Please call for group schedules!



    New groups are constantly forming!

    Please contact us if you do not see a group that meets your needs!

    Individual Counseling 

    Please call (774) or email Info@SocialCompassCounseling.ocm

    Learning Disabilities

    Social Communication Disorder


    Asperger's Syndrome


    Coping Skills




    Emotional Regulation

    Behavioral Problems

    Social Withdrawal



    Self Injurious Behavior

    School Refusal

    Social Communication Disorder

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    Individual Therapy
    Group Therapy

    Developmental Delays

    Early Intervention



    *Some clinicians are accepting BCBS and Tufts


    Special Education Consultation, Executive Function Coaching, Individual Tutoring & Skills Work


    Please call (781)801-9138 for additional information

    Specializes in:


    Executive Functioning & Academic Coaching

    Social Skills & Social Thinking

    Educational Review

    IEP Consultation & Meeting Preparation

    504 Consultation and Education

    Life Skills & Functional Academics

    Independent Living Skills

    Emotional Regulation

    Individual and Group IEP Tutoring and Skills Regression Work

    Interest Inventories

    Vocational Interest Inventories and Exploration

    Person Centered Planning

    Job Coaching

    Travel Training

    Post Graduation Planning

    Development of Skills in the Community

    Learning Disabilities

    Social Communication Disorder



    Asperger's Syndrome

    Down Syndrome



    *Take the frustration and confusion out of Special Education

  • Meet Our Staff

    Carolyn Wnuk, MSW, LICSW

    Child and Adolescent Therapist

    Carolyn has been working as a School Adjustment Counselor for the past five years. She has experience working with students (K-12) with severe social and emotional needs. Carolyn also has experience as a child and adolescent Bereavement Counselor facilitating individual and group bereavement activities. In addition, Carolyn has experience as a Lead Preschool Teacher and Early Intervention Teacher.




    • Lead Preschool Teacher- Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care
    • Lead Infant/Toddler Teacher- Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care
    • Bachelor of Psychology- Bridgewater State University, Bridgewater, MA
    • Master of Social Work -Boston College, Boston, MA
    • Previously Licensed School Adjustment Counselor (SAC)
    • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)
    • Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW)


    Contact Carolyn:




    *Accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield and Tufts



    Hillary Taglienti, M.Ed.

    Special Educator, Educational Consultant, and Skills Coach

    Hillary has been working in the public school system with students with disabilities for ten years. She has experience working with elementary, middle, high school, and post-graduate age students. Hillary has worked with students with moderate as well as severe disabilities. In addition to public school experience, Hillary has experience with the Institute for Community Inclusion working with students in their Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Program.




    • Bachelor of Arts, Majoring in Psychology from The University of Vermont
    • Bachelor of Arts, Majoring in Anthropology from The University of Vermont
    • Masters of Education in Special Education from Fitchburg State University
    • Certified Severe Special Education Teacher (Massachusetts)


    Contact Hillary:



    Kristine Healey, MSW, LCSW

    Child and Adolescent Therapist


    Kristine’s focus is collaborating with children and adolescents in helping them recognize then maximize their full potential. Kristine has over 15 years of experience, much of which focuses on teaching then applying, coping strategies to enhance and prepare children for life’s every day challenges. Kristine understands that each child is an individual and personalizes her treatment approach based on the child’s uniqueness. Some of the treatment modalities used are cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, applied behavioral analysis, and conflict resolution. As the former Children’s Program Coordinator for the Women’s Resource Center, a domestic violence shelter, Kristine understands the importance of establishing trust when working with children/adolescents. Providing a safe place by demonstrating active listening and genuine care helps to build the therapeutic alliance and advance treatment. In addition, Kristine has also worked as a clinician at a boy’s residential facility that provided clinically informed services to individuals (aged 8 to 15) with social, emotional, and behavioral needs. More recently she added a certification as a behavior analyst in order to offer a specialized approach for her clients. Kristine also works in the community counseling field providing services for both children and adults as an outpatient clinician.



    • Bachelor of Social Work, Radford University, Radford, Virginia
    • Master of Social Work, Radford University, Radford, Virginia
    • Behavior Analyst, Cambridge College, Cambridge, MA
    • Licensed Clinical Social Worker ( LCSW)

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    * Accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield and Tufts

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What will my child be doing in group?

    In our groups we use a combination of several different curricula including social thinking, positive behavior support, collaborative problem solving, and emotional regulation as well as in the moment and incidental teaching and modeling of skills.  Each group has a lesson related to the skill that we are focusing on.  Each lesson typically includes a game or activity to teach and reinforce the concepts we are mastering.  We also have time at the beginning of each group for students to share how their week went and what they are looking forward to during the upcoming week.  This allows all of us the opportunity to share situations that have occurred during the week and problem solve/reflect together. This is particularly helpful because often it can be more beneficial for participants to hear from others their own age, to know that they are not the only one experiencing these things, and to problem solve together.

    Do you accept insurance?

    Our groups are skill based and therefor not covered by insurance. We keep the fees for our groups reasonably low. Carolyn Wnuk and Kristine Healey are accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield and Tufts for individual therapy.


    Many families have found success working with ARC and HMEA to get assistance in paying for skills groups.

    How do I enroll my child/teen?

    Our skills groups and individual service providers are accepting new participants when space is available and on an open enrollment basis.  Please call or email to schedule an initial consultation.

    What is the initial consultation?

    The initial consultation is a time for you and your child to come to the center and see our space. It also allows us to meet each other and get to know your child in order to ensure thoughtful placement in a group or recommendation of services.

  • Testimonials 

    Carolyn Wnuk, MSW, LICSW

    "Carolyn is extremely committed, demonstrates an impressive repertoire of counseling strategies, has an expansive special education understanding, and is cherished by students." -Elizabeth Caruso 


    "After thirty years working as a middle school counselor / psychologist and you ask me to create the optimal counselor, I would tell you there is no need to create that person, as you would find that counselor in the person of Carolyn Wnuk. She combines enthusiasm, intelligence, compassion, knowledge of child development, and knowledge of the special education process into her being one of the most caring counselors I have ever had the privilege of working with." - Chandler Creedon 


    "She helps children understand what it takes to have a healthy, strong mind and body." -Roberta Nelson


    "They (children and adolescents) recognize that she generally wants them to succeed and even the most difficult children respond positively to her...I have heard nothing but glowing responses from families about the work she has done with their children." -Scott Cote 


    "Carolyn is a collaborative, compassionate, and enthusiastic clinician. All of her decisions and work are clearly grounded in what is best in her clients." - Emily  Constantine




    Hillary Taglienti, M.Ed.

    "Take one part enthusiasm, equal parts intelligence, compassion, and understanding of the special needs process; add a heaping amount of care and concern mix them together and you will have some understanding of what Hillary Taglienti brings with her to her teaching assignments." - Chandler Creedon


    "She has an excellent intuitive sense of how to effectively support students to develop new skills while also fostering their independence....In addition to her excellent work with students, Hillary is a professional from beginning to end. She attended every meeting prepared to discuss concerns in a sensitive and thorough manner." - Jayme Finstein



    "Hillary Taglienti is a creative educator who is willing to take one new challenges with energy and enthusiasm. She has high expectations for herself and for her students."

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