• Testimonials 

    Carolyn Wnuk, MSW, LICSW

    "Carolyn is extremely committed, demonstrates an impressive repertoire of counseling strategies, has an expansive special education understanding, and is cherished by students." -Elizabeth Caruso 


    "After thirty years working as a middle school counselor / psychologist and you ask me to create the optimal counselor, I would tell you there is no need to create that person, as you would find that counselor in the person of Carolyn Wnuk. She combines enthusiasm, intelligence, compassion, knowledge of child development, and knowledge of the special education process into her being one of the most caring counselors I have ever had the privilege of working with." - Chandler Creedon 


    "She helps children understand what it takes to have a healthy, strong mind and body." -Roberta Nelson


    "They (children and adolescents) recognize that she generally wants them to succeed and even the most difficult children respond positively to her...I have heard nothing but glowing responses from families about the work she has done with their children." -Scott Cote 


    "Carolyn is a collaborative, compassionate, and enthusiastic clinician. All of her decisions and work are clearly grounded in what is best in her clients." - Emily  Constantine




    Hillary Taglienti, M.Ed.

    "Take one part enthusiasm, equal parts intelligence, compassion, and understanding of the special needs process; add a heaping amount of care and concern mix them together and you will have some understanding of what Hillary Taglienti brings with her to her teaching assignments." - Chandler Creedon


    "She has an excellent intuitive sense of how to effectively support students to develop new skills while also fostering their independence....In addition to her excellent work with students, Hillary is a professional from beginning to end. She attended every meeting prepared to discuss concerns in a sensitive and thorough manner." - Jayme Finstein



    "Hillary Taglienti is a creative educator who is willing to take one new challenges with energy and enthusiasm. She has high expectations for herself and for her students."