• “It’s a fun place and they can really help you no matter what you are working on!”

    11-year-old therapy client

    “I have never talked to or trusted anyone else but the people at compass, and they really made a huge impact on my life.” - 13-year-old girl, therapy and social group


    “I came because I have social anxiety and stress. It made me confident in myself.” - 15-year-old boy, therapy


    “My (service providers) are the sweetest people I know. I’m so comfortable at and always excited to come to compass each week.” - 16-year-old female, therapy and girl group


    “Compass has helped me heavily with my anxiety. I have learned how to react in situations." - 16-year-old female, therapy


    “I made friends with the girls in my group!” -16-year-old female, social group


    “Never be nerves, everyone is so friendly and it’s always do much fun." - 14-year-old female, social group


    “I love group I work on coping skills and I can trust them and they make me laugh!” - 8-year-old, therapy


    “I learned that I need to think before I say something and to be patient cause not everything can go my way.” - 9-year-old, social group


    “We do fun stuff all the time and now I know what to do when someone teases me.” - 9-year-old boy, therapy


    “I know what to do when bad things happen now. I have learned how to deal with things way better.” - 19-year-old female, therapy


    “I came to compass to learn social skills, coping skills, and to make friends. I am so happy my mom made me come." 15-year-old, social group and therapy


    “I learned how to react in social situation and what it’s like to be a true friend”- 15-year-old female, girl group

    “I wish we could have group twice a week. NO! We should have group Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays!!” - middle school group member

    “I usually wear stones everyday but I don’t wear them when I come here because I feel protected.” - teen group member

    “I come here for organization, girls group, and therapy. Nothing could make Compass better, it’s already the best!” - 14-year-old client

    “I came to Compass to work on my social skills. I have become friends with the others in my group because we have common interests.” - teen group member