• Coping Coach!

    What will my child/adolescent learn for a Coping Coach?




    More specifically, your child will learn about their emotions, why they have them, how they physically experience them, how to accept and regulate challenging and intense emotions, what their personal emotional triggers are and how to productively manage them through covering the following topics:


    * Identifying Feelings

    * Understanding why we have feelings

    *How do your feelings affect you physically?

    *Thoughts-Feelings-Behaviors Connection

    *Positive Thinking Skills

    *Coping Skills Investigation

    * Frustration/Anxiety Management

    *Flexible Thinking Strategies

    *Managing Social/Emotional Triggers

    * Coping with Change and Disappointment

    * Exploring Mindfulness

    * Size of Problem


    As a result, your child will learn healthy and empowering strategies that will build self-awareness and self-esteem.


    Is a Coping Coach right for my child/adolescent?


    The short answer is ... YES! Everyone struggles with intense emotions from time to time. Who doesn't? Who wouldn't benefit from learning how to feel more confident in managing their emotions? Coping Coaches help to address an array of challenges from understanding and decreasing anxiety to stress, frustration, and anger difficulties.


    Skill building creates confidence and emotional well-being. Children/adolescents can learn coping skills and strategies that they can rely on for years to come!