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Peaks and Valleys: At Home Activities!

The following information is designed to help you talk about feelings with your child through the use of “peaks” and “valleys”. It may feel like there are more valleys than peaks these days BUT taking the time to identify and appreciate the small peaks can really make a difference in our moods!

Use the following information to talk about peaks and valleys:

Peak: Something positive about your day.

Peaks make you feel:





Valley: something negative about your day.

Valleys make you feel:






To Do: Draw a picture with your child of a mountain. Write some things that are examples of peaks at the top of the mountain (eg. eating your favorite breakfast, finishing your homework). Write some examples of valleys at the bottom of the mountain (eg. spilled my milk, sibling changed the show I was watching).

Additional Activities:

1. Here is a wonderful book called: The Very Frustrated Monster by Andi Green:

Can you pick out some peaks and valleys that Twitch faces throughout the book?

2. Draw a picture of your peaks and valleys of the week!

3. Tell me 1 peak and 1 valley you found in a book!

If you or someone you know could use additional support related to talking about feelings and emotions please reach out to Compass Social Skills and Counseling, LLC at 774-847-9340 or