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    Compass offers individual counseling and individual or group sessions covering a variety of skills! Please see our "Available Services" page and "Group Information" page for more information!

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to provide children, young adults, and families with social, emotional, and life skills, as well as counseling and special education consultation in a comfortable and engaging setting. With an individualized approach and truly open communication we are able to better form a bond in a supportive and creative environment that is ideal and essential for true growth. It is our passion and goal to provide an all encompassing approach to address the needs of the whole child.

    NEW-Compass Coping Coaches!

    Our Coping Coaches are enthusiastic licensed professional who are trained to help guide and teach your child/adolescent how to better understand and control their emotions. Coping Coaches teach emotional regulation and coping skills in a fun and truly accepting environment! Most of all, Coping Coaches are positive, strength based, and LOVE working with kids and teens.


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