Groups are run by a special educator and/or child/adolescent therapist.

    Our skills groups focus on a combination of the following skills:

    Social Skills

    Social skills help to increase cognitive flexibility and provide the tools to foster self awareness and relationships.  Our groups cover social skills such as:

    • Communication & Listening

    • Nonverbal Communication

    • Personal Space

    • Sharing & Turn Taking

    • Perspective Taking (thinking about others)

    • Problem Solving, Compromise & Cooperation

    • Making and Keeping Friends

    • Sportsmanship

    • Being Flexible

    Executive Functioning

    Executive functions help us to monitor social behavior, establish routine, and support self-regulation. Our groups work on executive functioning skills using creative play and social connections to develop skills related to:

    • Emotional Control

    • Impulse Control

    • Flexible Thinking

    • Working Memory

    • Self Monitoring

    • Planning and Prioritizing

    • Task Initiation

    • Organization

    Emotional Regulation and Coping Skills

    Emotional regulation and coping skills allow us to identify and manage feelings and frustration. Children will have the opportunity to create their own "coping toolbox" with tangible objects used to represent learned coping skills. Our groups cover emotional regulation skills such as:

    • Identifying Feelings

    • Coping Skills

    • Frustration Management

    • Being Cognitively Flexible

    • How to Form a Plan B

    • Conflict Resolution

    • Managing Social and Emotional Triggers

    • Compromise

    Girl's Groups:


    How to Navigate the Girl World!

    The goal of this group is to help strengthen friendship skills and explore the unique challenges that females face.  This group will address the following skills:


    - Increase Self Concept and Coping Skills

    - Relational Aggression

    - Bullying

    - Fostering Self Confidence

    - Empathy

    - Empowerment

    - The Meaning of Friendship

    - Navigating Social Circles

    - Positive Coping Skills for Dealing with Challenging Friendship/Peer Relationships

    - Benefits and Challenges of Social Media



    Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School


    Led by: Special Educator and/or Child/Adolescent Therapist

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