• Services 

    Skill Groups


    Led by: Special Educator, LABA, or Coping Coach

    Our skills groups meet once per week for forty-five or sixty minutes. We offer a variety of skills groups covering topics such as:

    •  Social Skills
    •  Emotional Regulation
    •  Coping Skills
    • Sensory Processing
    • Friendship Skills
    •  How to Navigate the Girl World!
    • Skill Based Play Group (Ages 2-5)


    Please call (774) 847-9340 or email Info@SocialCompassCounseling.com for group schedules!


    Sensory Processing and Skills Based Play Groups Recently Added!


    New groups are frequently forming- Please contact us if you do not see a group that meets your needs!

    Individual Counseling

    Please call (774) 847-9340 or email Info@SocialCompassCounseling.com

    Therapeutic Approaches:

    Cognitive behavioral Therapy (CBT)






    Emotional Regulation

    Social Withdrawal



    Self Injurious Behavior

    School Refusal

    Social Communication Disorder


    *Some clinicians are accepting BCBS and Tufts


    Executive Functioning Coaching

    Please call (774) 847-9340 or email Info@SocialCompassCounseling.com

    Executive Functioning Coaching and Academic Coaching Sessions are tailored to meet each student's individual needs and cover skills such as:


    Task Initiation

    Planning and Prioritizing


    Emotional Regulation

    Impulse Control

    Flexible Thinking

    Working Memory

    Self Monitoring


    Individual Skills Sessions

    Please call (774) 847-9340 or email Info@SocialCompassCounseling.com

    Individual Skills Sessions are tailored to each student's specific needs and cover skills such as:


    Communication & Listening

    Personal Space

    Sharing & Turn Taking

    Perspective Taking (thinking about others)

    Problem Solving, Compromise & Cooperation

    Making and Keeping Friends




    Identifying Feelings

    Coping Skills & Frustration Management

    Being Cognitively Flexible

    How to Form a Plan B

    Conflict Resolution & Compromise

    Managing Social and Emotional Triggers

    Social Skills & Social Thinking


    Life Skills & Functional Academics

    Independent Living Skills

    Emotional Regulation

    Vocational Interest Inventories and Exploration

    Person Centered Planning

    Job Coaching

    Post Graduation Planning


    Special Education Review

    Please call (774) 847-9340 or email Info@SocialCompassCounseling.com


    Educational Review

    IEP Consultation & Meeting Preparation

    504 Consultation and Education


    *Take the frustration and confusion out of Special Education

    Occupational Therapy & Evaluations

    Please call (774) 847-9340 or email Info@SocialCompassCounseling.com

    Occupational Therapy Services available include:


    Sensory Processing Therapy and Strategies

    Self Regulation Skills


    Fine Motor Coordination Skills including:

    Pencil Grasp, Manipulation of Fasteners, In-hand Manipulation Skills, Self Help Skills, Pencil Grip Fittings, Teaching of Modified Pencil Grasp


    Refinement of Handwriting Skills with focus on:

    Physical Mechanics, Letter and Number Formations, Alignment, Spacing, Letter Placement, Pencil Pressure,

    Handwriting Without Tears Program


    Evaluations, Screenings, and Consultations


    Occupational Therapy Evaluations utilizing:

    Standardized and Non-Standardized Measures and Clinical Observations


    Functional Visual Screenings to assess:

    Visual Convergence Skills, Saccadic Eye Movements, Visual Pursuits, Visual Spatial and Visual Motor Skills and Strategies,

    Assistance with Crossing Midline and Integrating Bilateral Coordination Skills


    Assessment and Treatment of Retained Primitive Reflexes

    Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy

    Assistive Technology Screening